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Remote Controlled Car Action Chase Shows up Hollywood

If you’ve ever watched the original 1960s-era Star Trek, you know just how bad so-called “practical effects” can look, especially when the camera lingers too long on low-budget models. The creative brain trust clearly took advantage of a relatively compact digital SLR camera, a hand-held steadicam, and his skills with Final Cut Pro to craft a sequence that would likely have impressed the directors of Bullitt or Gone in Sixty Seconds.

The next time you watch an action film with lots of stunts performed by actual drivers, know that many of the basic shooting techniques used aren’t that far removed from what Zach King did in his cul-de-sac.


Our top two favorite videos from the past week

Hey every one!  It’s Friday, Friday, Friday Ya!!!

For those of you busy working for the man the Fred Flintstone end of day whistle will hopefully be blowing for you soon. This week we stumbled upon at least 5 blog worth videos however were going to hold some back for when I’m on vacation at the end of the month.

Never fear though as the two videos below are two of the best, and as usual with Car Rolodex, are very worthy of your eyeballs time. The first short film ranks very high on the creativity scale an appears to have taken some time and effort to dream up and create. Involved in the video is the Dynamic Duo Rob Dyrdek and Christopher “Big Black” Boykin and the team behind Need for Speed: Most Wanted got together to play an epic game of cops and robbers with remote control Corvettes, a Mustang, and even a Nissan GT-R.

The second YouTube video is from the creators my 2 year old son’s favorite YouTube  video series – Gymkhana. Or as he likes to refer to them as: “Big Fire” “Big Wall” “Monkey’s” and “Big Jump”. In it we find Ken Block in his Monster Energy WRC Ford Fiesta car proving that it is possible to do an AWD drift around Irwindale Speedway which was hosting the final event on the Formula DRIFT 2012 season. The challenge that was accepted and then destroyed by Mr. Block was to see if it was possible to have an AWD car drift the house of drift course as well or as fast as the series RWD drift cars.

The results are indisputable and can be viewed below.