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We will return in the near future

We haven’t packed up and quit reporting on the latest Automotive news, however we are going to be taking a break for a while.

We hope that if you’ve landed here today, you will find that the over 700 posts of content will be enough to entertain until we return.

The CarRolodex team


Corvette Production Began 60 Years Ago

Chevrolet claims the Corvette is the longest-running, continuously produced passenger car, giving the honor to the Suburban for a vehicle of any type. All ’53 Chevrolet Corvettes were finished in Polo White with a red interior, and at first, came standard with an inline-six-cylinder engine. By 1955, 90 percent of all Corvette buyers went with the optional V-8.

1953 Chevrolet Corvette First Auto Show Appearance

1953 Chevrolet Corvette First Auto Show Appearance

But the original Corvette wasn’t all about straight-line acceleration: in our very first 1953 Chevrolet Corvette road test with an I-6 model, we recorded a 0-60 mph time of 11.5 seconds and a 105.3-mph top speed.

1953 Chevrolet Corvette - Rolling off of the Production line

1953 Chevrolet Corvette – Rolling off of the Production line

Since that time, the Corvette has survived changes for better and for worse, and total production of the car numbers about 1,560,000 units. For the first five months of 2013, Corvette sales were down 13.1 percent to 4820 units, but once shipments of the 2014 Corvette begin arriving in dealerships, we’re sure that picture will change.

1953 Chevrolet Corvette

1953 Chevrolet Corvette

For now, enjoy the 1953 Chevrolet Corvette photos

A Look Behind the Scenes at Hot Rod Magazine

In today’s video we are treaded to a unique look behind the scenes of what it takes to run a monthly magazine in this case it’s Hot Rod magazine. This video almost seemed to be custom made for myself as I’m always looking to bolster my knowledge reservoirs on the topic of automotive print publication.

The tour takes a look at all the different aspects of the Hot Rod brand, which includes the magazine, Web site, video production, events such as Power Tour and Drag Week. Orchestrating and coordinating the multi-faceted madness is Editor-In-Chief David Freiburger, who seemingly never sleeps between long days at the office, and trips to various events around the country, and around the world.

It isn’t the longest video and the time stamp included such items as outtakes which could be skipped, so really its only 5 minutes long. And who can’t justify spending 5 minutes now days to allow themselves to be educated? I know we always can.

Top Gear Magazine Announces their iPad Magazine App

UK based Top Gear Magazine has effectively put the magazine world on notice as they ramp up the publicity campaign for their revolutionary, interactive iPad digital magazine app. As you can imagine the magazine world is a highly competitive one where there are many content providers all vying to share the same car related news in a variety of ways.

After viewing the teaser video below, I was taken back by the high level of features included in the app, which allow users to interact with the magazine in a completely different way than a static piece of paper.

There is a plethora of embedded videos and additional pictures are included with each of the more traditional car reviews and news articles. Not to mention the user driven interaction pieces such as dragging your finger around the track to see the cars performance numbers changing in real time. This allows the reader to truly compare the reviewed car corning g’s and acceleration speeds as they enter and exit a turn. A feature not possible in print, helping place the reader in the driver’s seat and allowing them to extract the information they are interested in.

Unlike a lot of car magazines who are all now very busy creating new content for their YouTube channels the top gear YouTube channel is purely show clips and segments from the previous 18 TG seasons. We are hopeful that other videos will be created for the Magzine app which will then tricky down to the YouTube channel but time will tell as TG has the ability to march to the beat of their own drummer. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the written word however a picture says a thousand words and in this case a short video says a million. It’s an effective aid that can truly emphasize the journalists pure joy and excitement or even bitter disappointment when test driving a specific vehicle. It is also the reason why I am aware of the top Gear franchise is because it has done such an amazing job at being more than words on a page describing cars, and through the magic of TV can plant you firm in the driver’s seat.

An apps ability to add a simple sound bite of an engine revving is an amazing feature, to offer the end reader while they are relaxing in the comfort of their home. Especially when the reader has only been a custom to hearing the crinkle of pages as they flip past the advertising to get to their next article of interest. Now I’m not saying that these apps are advertising free as a magazine is published to bring in revue. What I am saying however is that the advertising community should also be equally excited as there is now no limit to the type of ads that can be embedded into the app.

Sorry paper magazine but your days are numbered! Since it can only able to provide information to readers on one plane. Where as an electronic magazine or e-mag can almost at times feel like sensory over load. Allowing the reader to pick and choose the multi-media features they’d like to view. If you are a shutter bug then the extra images shot during the shoot can be added to the article and viewed by the reader with the swipe of a finger. If video is more your cup of tea then why not sit back and enjoy a short clip that walks you through the show floor of the latest auto show instead of having to piece together the event from a series of static concept car images.

From whichever side you want to tackle this form of media it is heads and tails better than a traditional print magazine, since it will always be able to provide the user with a more viscerally experience. In fact I am a little worried as Car Rolodex has only been around for nine months and interactive blogging looks like it may already be starting to feel a little out dated when compared to the e-magazine. In a world where content is king I have to tip my hat to the e-magazine and here at Car Rolodex we will embrace the technology with open arms and promise to always provide our followers with our unique brand of content.

Check out the video below and comment on the features of the e-magazine that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Prestige Imports in Miami makes a short film showcasing their exotic car collection

Prestige Imports/Lamborghini Miami and Cinemotive Media proudly presents Project Au79. The Short film producers have indicated that the intention of this video was to  show of the high quality work that newly developed Cinemotive Films company. Oh and the film also show cases a hand full of exotic rides ranging from Lamborghini Gallardo’s, and Ferrari 430’s, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG’s and of course the hopefully one day famous gold wrapped Aventator. We say soon to be famous as the short films vimeo page indicates that the cars owner is hopeful that the car will become its own character allowing worldwide photographers and filmmakers to position the car in there camera lens.

It is a little to ostentatious for our tastes but the Aventador is a stunning car no matter what the colour or sheen.

Watch the world’s first live action Animated print magazine Car Ad

Did you happen to see the latest Lexus magazine ad in the Oct. 15 Sports Illustrated that suddenly becomes animated and leaps right off the printed page? For the very first time a printed advertisement has the ability to rev an engine, Flash the headlights, and spin its tires all while the background scenery pulses with colour that is synced to a music track.

The ad works by placing the single page of the magazine over top of an iPad that is viewing the Lexus Webpage ( All that the user has to do is press play and enjoy. The technique is common enough to have a name associated with it, “CinePrint”, yet is not common enough for us to have sampled it before.  The majority of traditional CinePrint mashups ads feature print ads that redirect to a digital experience away from the printed page. In this example Lexus has been quoted as saying “CinePrint technology flips that on its head, creating a tactile and visceral connection that brings one closer to the printed page with a multi-sensory experience that combines sight, sound and touch.” Sooo…. Whatever that means we just think it’s freaking cool tech!

You can get an idea of the experience in the clip below, although the real thing is surely more impressive. Some critics are saying that it’s just a glorified video, but trust us it isn’t, it is so much more in our opinion. The way the print Advertisement has the ability to project light through the printed page is an extremely novel concept. In a way, it’s almost like a print version of the amazing projection mapping promotional 3-D events that we reported on last year.

If you are interested in viewing the examples of 3D projection art you can see the Hyundai Accent or the Lexus CT200h 3D art projects at those related hyper links.

See Firsthand what it is like to drive a Go Kart through a Shopping Mall

Hey Everyone, sorry for the radio silence since Canadian thanksgiving but my kids gave me the flu so I haven’t exactly been up to blogging. I am however starting to right the ship an I came across this fun video of two high-performance electric go karts from Pole Position Raceway speed through the Destiny USA mall in Syracuse, New York during open hours. Now tell me that this isn’t something that you’ve always dreamt about doing.

Below is the shorten version of the video however if you interested in watching the entire 7:45 minutes of it hit the hyper link below the video.

Cheers to good health and I hope to have something  little more meaty for you all tomorrow.

Extended cut of above video