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We will return in the near future

We haven’t packed up and quit reporting on the latest Automotive news, however we are going to be taking a break for a while.

We hope that if you’ve landed here today, you will find that the over 700 posts of content will be enough to entertain until we return.

The CarRolodex team


Remote Controlled Car Action Chase Shows up Hollywood

If you’ve ever watched the original 1960s-era Star Trek, you know just how bad so-called “practical effects” can look, especially when the camera lingers too long on low-budget models. The creative brain trust clearly took advantage of a relatively compact digital SLR camera, a hand-held steadicam, and his skills with Final Cut Pro to craft a sequence that would likely have impressed the directors of Bullitt or Gone in Sixty Seconds.

The next time you watch an action film with lots of stunts performed by actual drivers, know that many of the basic shooting techniques used aren’t that far removed from what Zach King did in his cul-de-sac.