Will Volvo move forward with a Retro Inspired C60 Coupe?

Would you buy a Volvo if it it had a retro look to it? what about if it looked like one of our favourite Volvo’s the P1800 coupe?

1962 Volvo P1800

1962 Volvo P1800

Today in Automobile magazine it was reported that Volvo’s new Scalable Platform Architecture (SPA) could spawn a new C60 coupe. The report suggests that the C60 coupe will be a two-plus-two-style car with design inspired by the classic P1800 coupe. If the elegant coupe does make it to production, it wouldn’t arrive until 2016. It’s worth noting that even if the C60 coupe does enter production, there’s a possibility it wouldn’t reach U.S. shores.

A Modern Volvo P1800 Sketch

A Modern Volvo P1800 Sketch

Volvo is also in the process of phasing out five- and six-cylinder engines for a lineup of three- and four-cylinder engines. The three cylinders could be good for up to 204 hp while the fours could make as much as 306 hp, with an extra 100 hp using a plug-in hybrid powertrain, the report says. A new eight-speed automatic should help increase performance and reduce fuel consumption as well.

A Modern Volvo P1800 Sketch

A Modern Volvo P1800 Sketch


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