Honda Accord ‘Cog’ ad named best Car Commercial by Auto Express Magazine

In this extremely unscientific study by Auto Express, the UK car Magazine has asked their readers to weigh in on which Automotive commercial they like the best for 2012. The winner was the Honda Accord commercial is two minutes long and was created to promote the model’s seventh-generation.

The advert starts with a small cog colliding into a larger cog, setting off an enormous chain of events with other individual Accord parts, in a similar to a Rube Goldberg machine.

The sequence ends with the Accord rolling in front of a tonneau cover emblazoned with the Accord moniker, before the screen fades to the manufacturer’s ‘The Power of Dreams’ tagline. Rappers Delight by The Sugarhill Gang plays in the background.

Cog was produced with the help of engineers, car designers, sculptors and special effects technicians who worked with a disassembled Honda Accord to create the ad’s chain reaction. Director Antoine Bardou-Jacquet wanted to use as little CGI as possible to increase Cog’s appeal to the audience.

Cog was shot over four days with each filming session lasting seven hours due to the incredible amount of detail involved in creating the commercial. 606 takes were needed to capture the final cut between testing and filming.

Cog was a massive success post-release, with the British Television Advertising Awards giving the ad the highest score of any commercial ever recorded. Cog has since inspired a number of spin-offs and parodies, and is widely regarded as improving Honda’s image with western consumers.


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