Watch a street legal Porsche 962C being used as a daily driver in Japan

In the mid-Eighties, Porsche released the 962, a long-wheelbase variant of the 956, to compete in IMSA’s GTP class and later in Group C as the 962C. The 962C was introduced at the end of 1985 and debuted in the World Sports car Challenge, from which it quickly became successful through private owners while having a remarkably long-lived career, with some examples still proving competitive into the mid-1990s. Towards the end of the car’s competition life, a number of privateer teams and tuners began converting 962s for road use. The concept was that the 962, which had performed so well on the track, would be ideally suited as a supercar for the road.

Some Aftermarket/Tuning Companies have even produced bolt on body kits that give the car a true Saleen S7 look some popular models were called the C62, DP62 and Schuppan 962CR. There were very subtle differences between these car and the track only models, and modifications usually included moving the headlights higher to meet European street legal requirements, plus the addition of a 3.3 L twin-turbo Flat-6.

Schuppan 962CR from Australia,

In today’s video installment we watch one such street legal Porsche 962C drive around a rural Japanese town as the drive goes through his normal day-to-day activities, like driving in the rain, purchasing gas, and even guzzling down a Red Bull tall boy.

As is the case with most auto enthusiasts, the owner of this 962C fell in love with the car while watching it race. The video, beautifully produced, delves into some of that history as well as the back story for this particular car. It’s a fun watch, so check it out below.

As fate would have it one of our favorite Automotive Journalist was fortunate  enough to also have the opportunity to take out one of the Porsche Museum’s 962 as well as interview the cars chief designer Norbert Singer. It is a real joy to hear the car sing on the track and should also be viewed before you change the channel.


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