A First Look At The Onyx, Peugeot’s Concept Supercar

Peugeot’s 600bhp diesel-electric hybrid concept car, the Onyx, will be shown at the Paris motor show. The model almost certainly won’t go into production, but showcases a new face for future Peugeots.

Peugeot’s Onyx Concept Car – Front 3/4

Described as a supercar for the 21st century, the lightweight model features carbon fiber body panels and handcrafted copper doors. There’s also LED lighting units, a double-bubble roof (with integrated air intakes) and 20-inch alloy wheels with specially-designed Michelin tires. Overall, the car measures 4.65m long, 2.20m wide and 1.13m tall.

The Onyx gets its power from a 3.7-litre diesel V8 HDi FAP engine that produces 600 HP engine in addition to an electric motor that delivers an additional 80hp during acceleration which was derived from the 908 Hybrid4 Le Mans car. A This drivetrain never made it to Le Mans, following the company’s pull out of the sport earlier in the year.

Peugeot’s Onyx Concept Car – Rear 3/4

The elegant cabin has a minimalistic design which incorporates felt upholstery, milled aluminum accents and newspaper wood trim. Other highlights include a digital instrument cluster, a digital rear view mirror and aluminum toggle switches. The dashboard that is made from a new type of wood called  ‘Newspaper Wood’ which is merely recycled newspapers but in the pictures it does look have a wood grain look to it.

Peugeot’s Onyx Concept Car – Interior

The doors have clever and complex gullwing-style operation, while the cabin is boldly proportioned, simply designed and finished in rich new materials. Impressively it’s all formed from a join less one-piece pod, creating a cocoon effect but still exposing the 12-piece carbon chassis (which, remarkably, weighs just 100kg). Like a racing car, there are no actual seats, just pieces of carefully positioned felt.


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