What’s the difference between a Good Car Video and a Great One

There was an unusually high number of car videos released today not which can only be attributed to it being the slowest time of year for the car world.  You know that good news stories are hard to come by when the return of the Pontiac G8 or sorry the Holden Commadore to North American market as a Chevy SS makes the front page, and stays there for three days.

So as we narrowed down the best of this weeks videos for today selection it made us realize which cinematic features of a video can dramatically affect our viewing pleasure. Sure you have the obvious stuff like the subject being shot or the special effects that are used by the director to highlight their story line. Our favorite is the videos sound track and sound editing.

To help prove our point we have a nicely shot first video that was created by Format67.Net. It stars a beautify Mercedes SLS AMG with a body kit that include some ridiculous theater isle side running lights. The cinematography is beautify and the narrator seems to fit the video. However the video seems to be building towards something spectacular that we never really get to. The music builds to crescendo and you are waiting for the SLS AMG to leap off of the screen with a blast from it’s 6.2-liter engine neatly tucked under its hood but it never gets there.

In our option a video that displays a better use of sound would be on that eGarage uploaded yesterday afternoon. In it we find a Artege GT (a Peugeot RCZ doppelgänger) tearing up a dirt quarry road set to one of our high rotation gym songs AWOLNATION – Sail. There really in nothing special about the video is the car is not setting the record for the highest number of consecutive donuts or really drifting all that well. However something about the video has us intrigued and when it abruptly end we are left wanting more.


Our final example of how a videos sound track and sounds editing can make or break a video we have a second entry from eGarage that was also post just yesterday. In it we are treated to the a race track full of Ferrari’s as they attend the 2011 Ferrari Challenge at Sears Point Raceway in Sonoma California. Like the first video we have a narrator in the form of Enzo Ferrari as he explains the first time he fell in love with a V12 engine. As soon as Enzo has said his peace the music become more up beat as we are teated to some footage of the Ferrari concord de elegance. Finally the Music hits it’s most excited level and the race footage is feed into the iMovie editor software along with the glorious sound of trumpeting V12 and V8 engines.

So with out farther ado let us present you with our pick of Video of the week as eGarage  presents its video Ferrari Challenge. We hope you like it as much as we did!


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