Watch four exotic cars jockey for the Iron Throne in the ultimate supercar shootout video

Have you heard the joke about what happens when a Bugatti Veyron, a Lamborghini Aventador, a Lexus LFA and a McLaren MP4-12C all pull into a gas station. Ya me neither but I do know what happens when they all show up at an empty runway. Fortunately this time around Motor Trend with their Head to Head Camera crew were on the scene to document what the results where.

Nothing fancy in this video just a straight drag race pining the V8 car against the V10 one. With the winner taking on the V12 Lambo and onto the a 1/4 mile run against the king of the shoot-out, the quad turbo W16 Veyron.

We won’t ruin the ending but there weren’t any Game of Thornes’ type twists and turns in as the three wannabe kings battled for the title.


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