Watch a Lexus GS 350 Play the Ultimate Game of Chicken with an LFA

Lexus thinks that its newly redesigned GS lineup is the cats pajamas! In fact it thinks so highly of the Lexus GS 350 that in its latest TV commercial it is latterly pitting it head to head against the Lexus LFA. In this friendly game of chicken the GS is supposed to be showing off its German rival beating Lexus Dynamic Handling (LDH) feature however the only thing I saw in this commercial was the LFA doing what it does best. The LFA with its high revving F1 inspired V10 engine is just such a rare car which is rarely seen out in the light of the day. So when a moment like this commercial arises it does truly steal the show.

We think it would have been better if the LFA flinched first in the 1 minute spot, proving that the GS 350 won’t back down from anything. But we can sympathize with the GS 350 driver too, we would hardly want to smash into a 400,000 dollar plus supercar as our insurance rates are high enough as it is!

Enjoy the spot below:


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One response to “Watch a Lexus GS 350 Play the Ultimate Game of Chicken with an LFA

  • alex

    Both GS and LFA from Lexus Motors are unique in their own ways, and the one thing that is common among both the models is exceptioal interiro luxury and comfort level.

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