Can you Drive Mazda 2 Around the Inside of a 30ft Barrel?

Read the Full Article here: We can always appreciate car stunts and if you are familiar with our website here you will know that we love posting stunt related videos. Today we are sharing a video of a classic motor cycle stunt that has been performed at carnivals and circus’ since the invention of the internal combustion engine. The stunt is to place a motor cycle inside a circular cage (roof optional) and drive in a circular motion until you have enough momentum to climb up the walls.

The catch with today’s version of this gravity defining stunt is to preform the trick with a much heavier vehicle, the likes of a stock Mazda 2. I knew that the Ford Fiesta/Mazda 2 was a nimble and agile vehicle however I had not idea that it could drive sideways around the inside of a 30 ft diameter barrel.

Hell if you don’t believe me check out the link below and see it for you self.


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