Can Range Rover accomplish what Nissan could not?

The monumental task we are refereeing to would be to convince the world that we need luxury convertible  SUV’s.  We can’t for the life of us understand why you would want to take a soft roader SUV like the Murano, make it solely a two door model, add a folding canvas roof and market it as luxury SUV with a premium price tag.

Range Rover Evoque Convertible Concept - Front 3/4

It turns out that the rumors brought to light and hugely publicized thanks to it being discussed during the “news” segment on this season of Top Gear are true.  Range Rover showed off their latest concept SUV that like the Murano CrossCabriolet flies in the face of common sense, at this year’s Geneva Auto Show.  Yes I know what you’re thinking why?  Why does the world need a convertible version of the 2 door Range rover Evoque?  We have no idea who would want to be caught dead in this type of vehicle as everyone knows that it rains almost every day in North Vancouver.

The marketing geniuses over at Range Rover are branding this as the world first premium compact convertible SVU which is strange as Nissan tried the same marketing approach.  We are expecting the soft-top to share the same under the skin gear as the hardtop version and can’t wait to be able to hear the clatter of the diesel engines as it revs up to its 5000RPM redline.  Not to mention the sweet smell of its smoky exhaust when you put the hammer down.  There truly is nothing more attractive then showing up at the mall with your face blackened like a coal miner.

Range Rover Evoque Convertible Concept - Rear 3/4

Thankfully no pricing structure has been released as this convertible SUV is still living under the guise of being only a concept truck.  We are quite confident based off of the description being used for this truck that it will be priced much higher than even the top of the line Evoque which it’s self is already over inflated.  The positive spin that we can add to this would have to be that we may never have to see on driving around, however if we do I hope for the drivers sake they have the roof up because then they may not see me pointing and Laughing as they cruise on by.


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3 responses to “Can Range Rover accomplish what Nissan could not?

  • Jared

    What a pathetic and narrow minded know-it-all. So, YOU don’t want one. Shut up and let them Range Rover do what they want. Nissan’s failure was probably due to it’s looks.

    • M Lemmon

      Are you saying that the Topless Range Rover Evoque is an attractive SUV? Would you pay a premium for one as you know that it will cost significantly more then a top spec hard top Evoque? We will make sure to wave at you as you pass by on the street, would you be the guy with two popped collars or three? Let us know 🙂

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