The new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta – “E ‘una Bellezza!”

Let me just let you soak in the pure beauty of the New Ferrari F12 Berlinetta that had its first official images released just hours ago.  The Official World debut will take place at the 2012 Geneva Auto show next week however we have a full list of the cars impressive numbers and figures below.

The new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta - Front 3/4

The F12 will be the successor to the powerful Ferrari 599 so there was not surprise when we learned that it would be once again raising the performance bar to new heights.  Like the 599 that it replaces it will have a naturally aspirated V12 bomb under the hood that was first debuted in the FF.  Unlike the FF the F12 will see a bump in power by approximately 80hp, allowing the 6.3-liter V12 to produce 730hp and 510lb-ft of torque, with a 8700rpm redline.

The new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta - Side

The accumulation of all of these extra horses allow the Berlinetta to turn the 0-100km/h trick in just 3.1 seconds and can accelerate from a standstill to 200km/h in just 8.5 seconds.  These are impressive numbers and prove that the car will be a worthy competitor to the Lamborghini Aventador.  Equally as impressive is the fact that Ferrari engineers have also managed to decrease the cars Co2 emissions and slightly lower the cars fuel consumption figures.  Both of these figures are aided by the car’s engine start/stop system which results in the fuel figures seeing an improvement of more the 10% with a combined rating of 18.8mpg (15 L/100km) and CO2 emissions have dropped to 350g/km.

The new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta - Rear 3/4

Ferrari is claiming that the new F12 Berlinetta has top speed of over 211 mph and attributes the cars balanced feel at these high speeds to a slight tweaking of the cars weight distribution.  The F12 now receives a 46/54 thanks to a new transaxle F1 style dual-clutch gearbox and rear suspension redesign that reduced weight and included space saving techniques to also improve the car’s trunk volume.  Thanks to some other cleaver engineering techniques used in the design of the car it also benefits from a lower centre of gravities compared to the 599.  Which also results in the car being the fastest production car to ever lap Ferrari’s Fiarano test track in a blistering 1m23s?

The New Ferrari F12 Berlinetta - Interior

Pricing and options have not yet been released and are expected to see the light of day next week at the Geneva Auto show, so tune back in next week for an update.  Until then try not to droll too much over the first 3 images of this beautiful Ferrari.

The new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta - instrument cluster


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