Motor Trend’s Downshift YouTube show asks – What is the Ultimate Drivers car?

Sorry for the slow posting this morning as I had some unexpected flaming jet fuel on my drive way and it delayed my commute into work.  This in combination with and having to stay up way later then I should have to watch some guys turn left all night long has lead to a slow start to this morning.

Thankfully Motor Trend is not taking any days off when it comes to their new YouTube channels.  To help prove this point we have attached their first of a three part adventure to find 2011 Best Drivers Car Competition.  The competition is an 11 cars shootout to determine which car is the ultimate driving machine.  As we watched this show we continue to ask ourselves the question, “Why is this show not on US TV some were?  This has incredibly high production value and flows better than most of the cars shows that are currently out there on the American airwaves.

You’re going to have to click the link below to find out how Motor Trend’s Downshift show will determine which car is best as they attempt to do the impossible and find the ultimate drivers car.


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