A Former F1 Driver takes out a Lexus LFA and Pushes it to the Limit

By now the Lexus LFA may seem like old hat to you as it has been around for almost 2 years now, however the cars exclusivity seem to make every new review or test drive seem fresh and new.  Also keep in mind that it took Toyota 9 year to research design and build the car so they have to milk all of the free press that they can get for years to come.

In its newest video, Lexus has handed the keys over to former F1 driver and double Le Mans winner, Alex Wurz.  The video is very is well executed and brings to the table some creative camera angles and we particularly like the one where the camera inches off the ground as it chases after the LFA.  The V10 sound track is one that keeps us coming back for more especially with the throttle blips on down shifts.

In the end we think that the 2 minute video is well other the watch and we do love the sound of the V10 engine, it just makes us want to come back for a second helping of LFA.


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