Head to Head video – 2012 Nissan GT-R vs 2012 BMW M5

If you were not aware of just how amazing the Nissan GT-R is this head to head shootout video should make you a believer.  The new 2012 BMW M5 is an amazing car and I think that I would still prefer one over the GT-R simple because it is a true family saloon.  However if I was just looking to by a car for me it would be the cheaper GT-R.

I would love to see this test re-run when the M5 with the all-wheel drive option is released mostly a year or two years away as the GT-R’s advanced AWD system clearly helped it in the Cornering G and snake road track test.

Whichever car you are rooting for one this is for sure Autocar form the UK does a great and well rounded test.  However they do fail to mention that the two cars are not quite in the same league mainly because the M5 is a larger Saloon so it weight more than 550 pounds more than the GT-R.


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