If they Build it, we will Buy it! Lamborghini’s new SUV Concept

Today we have read reports online that a senior source at Lamborghini’s parent company Audi, is now confirming reports that a Lambo SUV will make an appearance at the Beijing Motor Show in late April.  This news comes one day after leaked Magazine images from the February issue of Italian Quattiroruote magazine hit the web.

Lamborghini SUV Concept - Front

We love the styling of this aggressive SUV and can’t wait to see it in person at an upcoming motor show.  Now our Italian is more than a little rusty however if what Google translate is saying is true the new Lamborghini cross over will find a V10 engine under the hood.  We also see this SUV receiving one of Audi’s diesel engines so help offset the fuel efficiency and carbon foot print figures allowing them to continue to produce their fire breathing super cars.

Lamborghini SUV Concept - Rear 3/4

As we do a little car math we also are expecting and Audi A8 based luxury 4 door sedan to be introduced by Lamborghini with that launch possible coming at the Geneva Auto Show.  The brands sedan entry would compete with the Maserati Quattroporte, Porsche Panamera, and Aston Martin Rapide’s of the world.  Personally we love the idea of having more cars branded as Lamborghini’s and have suddenly become very interested in both the Beijing and Geneva Motor Shows.


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