This drift video is currently blowing up on YouTube – Motorcycle vs. Car

We are putting out a challenge to everyone who checks in with us on a regular basis.  Can anyone tell us why this video has gone viral and has collected 800,000 hits a day since it was uploaded on the 12th of this month.

Now don’t get us wrong there really is nothing wrong with the video as it has all of the classic makings of an aftermarket car company short movie.  Really all that is missing is some type or underground music that is perfectly synced with the action.  In it’s place Icon Motor Sports has done some slow motion wizardry through the use of a handful of  HD Pro cameras.

The slow motion action is fantastic however we has seen other amazing footage of motorcycles and cars drifting in slow motion so surely that can’t be the reason why this video is so popular, can it?

So if one of you out there can figure it out please let us know as we are baffled by the numbers that this video is cranking out on YouTube.  We can own up to watching this five minute short film at least 5 times and enjoyed it even though we don’t really understand the appeal of drifting.  However we liked Ken Blocks Gymkhana Four way more then this drift video how ever now that it is 5 months old and it views have begun to slow down.

Gymkhana 4 is currently sitting at the 14 and half million views mark which is very impressive for a car video however if this Motorcycle vs. Car drift video continues on the pace that it’s on it will reach 24 million views by the end of the month.  Which is down right amazing and puts them on pace to be the Nickelback of the car world.


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