Have you heard of the McLaren MP4-12C High Sport Edition?

We had not either until World car fans mad us aware and we just had to pass the knowledge along to out followers.  In the video below you will see two 2012 McLaren MP4-12C’s being parked at the dealership “The Collection”, in Miami FL.  The first one to appear in silver is the now vanilla regular model.  The second MP4-12C is the new HS model as you can clearly see on the rear of the car as it is backing up into the parking spot.  Thank god it did back up as it allowed us to see it’s cool looking new front bumper that has been designed to generate more down force.

One of the sales staff at The Collection confirmed with the camera man that there are not Bespoke editions and that there are currently one 5 of them in existence right now, two of which are at their Miami dealership right now.  In classic sales person form he then went onto say that the cars are also not from McLaren’s Special Operations program.  Leaving us wondering who or how are this car being produced and why have only 5 been made?

The car seems to be screaming to us that it was created by McLaren’s Special Operations program so we will keep close watch on this fact.  One item that we can confirm is that The MP4-12C HS features a completely redesigned front bumper designed to maximize down force and increase airflow to the 3.8-liter V8 turbo intercoolers.  Which is a good thing since the car is allegedly outputting another 75hp on top of its already class leading 592hp.  For those of you who are good at math you would know that the horsepower increase would put the MP4-12C HS into Lamborghini Aventador territory with its 6.5-liter V12 outputting just under 700hp.

Other noticeable changes seem to be inspired by the GT3 version of this McLaren and include new bumpers, air intake vents, a larger rear diffuser and a redesigned rear wing.  Let hope that Top Gear will get to test drive one of these 5 souped up super cars so that we can truly see how the reworked car stacks up.

If you’re in Miami, stop by The Collective to check out 2 of the 5 cars that currently exist in the world.


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One response to “Have you heard of the McLaren MP4-12C High Sport Edition?

  • Peloton25

    Regardless of what the dealership might have shared I can assure you these cars were produced by McLaren Special Operations.


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