The Top 5 Car Commercials of 2011

What is a car web site now a days if it doesn’t post about some sort of year end tribute piece.  The reality of this post is that there is nothing else to report on this week due to it holiday hangover.  In combination to the fact that the entire auto industry is gearing up for the North American International Auto Show next week in Detroit which opens it’s door to the press on the 9th to the public from the 14th through to the 22nd.

Sure Chrysler stole the spotlight yesterday with their apparently big news that the Sebring oh so we meant to say “200” is going to be getting a performance model called the “Super S”.  However it is really nothing more than a Sebring with a bunch of Mopar aftermarket parts bolted on.   Most of them are to make the car look faster with the only true performance pars being a lowering kit, a cold air intake and cat-back exhaust.  We will have to wait until the NAIAS to get the official performance numbers however if our car math is correct it will equal an increase of about 25-40hp possible toping the car out at 325hp.

2012 Chrysler 200 Super S - From the Front

Not exactly pavement melting performance numbers, which has us queuing our Chrysler excitement for when the Dart is announced and we get to see Dodges first new car produced under Fiat management.  The Dart should be a nice little car and one that could re-introduce Chrysler as serious option in the compact car market.

2012 Chrysler 200 Super S - From the Rear

Instead of even mentioning of that news we will present a multi media treat for you, as we have comprise our top 5 favorite car commercials from 2011.

Coming in at number 5 is the back handed slap from Chevrolet right to the face of Porsche, Ferrari and BMW with its powerful 638 horsepower engine found in the ZR1.  For those who follow automotive racing you know that the ad is a stretch and is more relevant if it was poking fun at the race series organizers who put in place the rules and restrictions but then where’s the fun in that.  Either way it made for an entertaining commercial and made our list at number five.

At number 4 we have another Chevy commercial that was created to run during the super bowl.  It is a big budget bonanza that see the new V8 Camaro put through a variety of typical car commercial stereo types.  We loved the high production value and the ending is great drawing back to a little 1980’s hot for teach mind set.  Now really what is more muscle car Camaro then that – Van Halen not included!

Our third favorite commercial of 2011 was also created to be shown during the Super Bowl.  It became known as the Eminem Ad, and was so closely copied by Audi 3 months later the Chrysler and Eminem had to sue them for copy right infringement.  It may not be our favorite car however we love the blue color message that this ad draws heavily on and makes us pull for the motor city as they attempt to right their economic ship.

At number 2 we have dancing Hamsters.  Ya that’s right dancing Hamsters!  Do we really even need to mention robots fighting each other with G.I. Joe inspired laser guns and the number one song that you couldn’t get out of your head for 2011 Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO.  We didn’t think so just check it out below 🙂

And now drum roll please…….. We bring you our favorite car commercial of 2011 and it just so happens to be for a car that we can’t wait to test drive.  Titled “Suduction” Fiat launched its 500 Abarth in North America with this gem.  This ad in our mind has it all including old school sexism which could very well turn in to the new school of sexism.  It is a hilarious, sexy, and aggressive commercial that launches the Spicy Abarth version of the underappreciated and underperforming (both on the road and in the sales department) Fiat 500.  I think that the only way to make this commercial more appealing to American would be to dip it in 500 calorie secret sauce and place it next to a 32 ounce soda.

We have a couple honorable mentions of ads that we reported on earlier on in the year below.  Let us know in the comments section if you think we may have missed an ad that came out this year that should be on the list.  Click on the name of the article to read about and view the commercial.

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Play Nice with Ford or You will be Served

VW GLI Light Paintings Ad Campaign


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