A Quick Subaru BRZ – Turbo and WRX Rumour Mill Update

Motor Trend is reporting today that a spokesperson from Subaru of America has confirmed that not only will the Subaru BRZ receive a turbo charged engine which will be branded as a WRX model.  But all of the brands WRX models will be receiving the FA20 2.0-liter boxer engine that was jointly developed with Toyota.  Current WRX models are powered by a 2.5-liter turbo boxer engine that has its power dialed up to 265hp in WRX format and 305hp in STI models.

2013 Subaru BRZ - How good would a Trubo look in that Engine Bay?

The FA20 engine which is producing 200hp and 150 lb-ft of torque in its naturally aspirated form will see an increase of 70hp through the use of turbo charging.  Oddly enough though this same spokesperson also indicated that the same turbo charged engine will be used in the Toyota GT-86 and Scion FR-S twin sisters.  This statement contradicts a second report that we uncovered yesterday from Toyota that indicated that Toyota’s TRD performance division had decided to go the route of supercharging the FA20 engine in their models.

The co-developed Subaru / Toyota - FA20 2.0-liter 4-cylindar boxer engine

We will let you know how the chips fall as soon as they do.

To read more about the Subaru BRZ, Turbo Rumor Click Here: http://wp.me/p1sgG3-In

To read more about the Toyota/TRD, Supercharger Rumor Click Here: http://wp.me/p1sgG3-HF

To get the full Subaru BRZ Specs Click Here: http://wp.me/p1sgG3-Hg


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