Ford Reveals a Pair of ST Models at the Frankfurt Auto Show

As expected the first day of the Frankfurt Auto Show started with a bang as Ford debuts two new Hot hatches.  The first one is the 2012 Ford Focus ST and the second is the Fiesta ST Concept.  Both were front and centre at the Ford both at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

The new Fiesta ST Concept or the little brother of the two ST’s seems to have found the WRC teams parts bin and has attempted to bolt on as much of that hard ware that a mid 20 thousand dollar car (in Canada) can afford.  It shares that same honeycomb inspired front end as the Focus and has added a boy racer body kit to all of its other sides.  This included the addition of side skirts, new front and rear ground effects, and a rear roof mounted spoiler.  It finishes off its appearance update by smoking all of the lights and adding huge cross drilled rotors that the aggressive five spoke 17-inch wheels are attempting to hide, however there is no hiding the bright read calipers that haul the car to a stop.

Ford Fiesta ST Concept - Front 3/4 View

All of those pieces are nice however the heart of the Fiesta ST concept is the fire breathing 1.6-liter twin turbocharged 4-cylinder that cranks out 177 hp and 177 lb-ft of torque with the help of direct injection.  This package allows the little fiesta to complete the 0-100 run in a sub seven seconds.  That’s GTI fast and we are impressed.

Other notable features would have to be the addition of an extra cog to the manual transmission, upping the forward gears to 6.  According to the Ford Story website only the 5 door model will be coming to the North American market will receive the just 5-door and the better looking 3-door versions of the car will remain in Europe.  We are still holding out hope that both models will cross the Atlantic, so if you work for Ford please please reconsider this injustice that you are instilling on North America.  We are pretty sure that the Fiat 500 Abarth and the Mini S are two door supped up B-Class sized cars and they seem to have a market for them.

Ford Fiesta ST Concept - Rear 3/4 View

The launch of the Fiesta’s big brother was a little more definite as this is the first time that the Focus ST has been able to drop the concept disclaimer.  This car is the one that will be one that is sold in 40 differing markets worldwide on the 6 continents that have roads.

The big news here is that the Focus ST will output 250 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque by turbocharging the same 2.0-liter engine that can be found in the Focus sold today.  No all-wheel drive version yet has been announced with the rumour still being that the of the RS version will have this feature using gas power for the front wheels and an electric motor to power the rear wheels.  Time will tell on this rumour one as I’m sure ford is frantically working out all of the details in perfecting the system.

2012 Ford Focus ST - Front 3/4 View

The Focus will use the same 6-speed manual as the fiesta which is good for all of you tuners out there as it proves that a chipped 1.6-liter engine could be dialed up to 70 more hp and the tranny will handle the extra power just fine.  To help reduce the torque steer issue with all of those hp’s going to the wheels that also have to steer.  Ford has introduced a new torque vectoring control system which will act like a limited slip differential to help reduce understeer and increase traction under hard acceleration.  Another system called cornering under steer control will also help handling by applying torque to create yaw torque in both power-on and power-off cornering situations.  (whatever that means thank you Ford press release)

The new 2012 Ford Focus ST also has received a new anti-roll bar design as well as upgrading the shock absorber and springs while reducing the overall ride height by a full centimetre.  This gives the car a much more aggressive stance while also reducing the cars centre of gravity.

2012 Ford Focus ST - Rear 3/4 view

The Focus ST gets the same exterior make over as the Fiesta ST, and the inside of the car is sea of Recaro and Ford SVT custom pieces like seats, petals, steering wheel, and gear shifter.  It is also going to get some additional creature comforts that are going to be standard including Automatic headlights and wipers, heated seats, and dual climate control.

2012 Ford Focus ST - Interior

The 2012 Ford Focus ST is slated to go on sale worldwide next year with delivers to North America starting in the spring.  The car will make it official north American debut at the LA auto show in a couple months time and we would also be hoping that the Fiesta Concept moniker will be dropped at that time so that this deadly duel can tease the buying public sooner than later.


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