Artist Chris Burden asks, What is the Future of the Automobile?

For the past 4 years artisan Chris Burden has been working on his vision of what a future metropolitan city may look like.  The analogy that stuck with me the most was that of imagining that you were a city planner for New York City in the year 1901.  The current mode of Transportation was horse and buggy however within 10 years time the automobile would dominate the scene and become the most popular mode of transportation ever.

Could that city planner have been aware that they were on the verge of history and that any plans that they had for the city would be dramatically and quickly changed to caterer to the automobile.  Chris Burden feel like we are quickly reaching another technology precipice and is wondering what we might soon discover on the other side.  He is hedging his bets towards automated cars of some sort.

The video is filming Chris’ 20-foot by 30-foot kinetic sculpture titled “Metropolis II” before it was disassembled and moved to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) for viewing this fall.  If you’re not in the LA area I hope that the below video will satisfy your curiosity.


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