Top Gear USA Releases its Season 2 Teaser Trailer

Come one come all, and get your fill of the Top Gear USA Season 2 Teaser Video.  I have to hand it to the Top Gear USA Boys as they have managed in my option to capture the true essence of their show in this 1:41 teaser trailer.  It looks like season 2 have just as much Awkward Dialog, Faked Challenges, Un-relatable Car News, Uninteresting Celebrity Interviews and Beautify shot car Super Car Segments.  Thank god they got one out of the five pieces of the Top Gear puzzle right.

Let’s hope that in Season 2 they rework the mix a little to try to capture the hearts and minds of the audience.  We can promise that the Car Rolodex team will be watching every episode starting on Sunday July the 24th.  So far this summer is shaping up to be an interesting one as Speed Channel is debuting their newest Adam Carolla hosted car show on July 13th called “The Car Show”.  Will the Top Gear USA team have the staying power to compete with the almighty Speed Channel?  Time will tell however one thing The Car Show has going for it would be the channel that it is running on.

Enjoy the teaser trailer below


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