A Cultural Study on the 2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class and the People Who Drive Them

I have often wondered who Mercedes’ target demographic is, especially when it comes to their SUV’s.  Thankfully Mercedes-Benz TV has put together a long commercial or a short movie that walks us through a day in the life of a Mercedes M-Class driver.  I’ve watched the video a couple times now and I can’t really decide if it was created with the intention of entertaining or just over whelming us with images and features of the new 2012 M-Class.

If you were thinking of purchasing the new M-Class you should read the list below and if you have done, or experienced 2 of the 15 items on it you are and ideal candidate:

1)     Purchase Lingerie in a dimly lit store for your Anniversary

2)     Store two identical boxes wrapped with bows in the back of an SUV with the rear seats folded down

3)     Recklessly drive around town and then randomly retrieve a pack out of the back of your SUV to be shipped

4)      End up giving your wife an apron that was intended for your mom and have her be thrilled about getting it as an anniversary

5)     Drive back downtown and not see one other car on the roads

6)     Get out maneuvered by a 10 ton truck loaded with packages

7)     Loose a race with that same truck to the Airport sorting center

8)     Contemplate breaking into a secure Airport sorting center

9)     Drive all night to go to your Mom’s house

10)  Pay $64,000 for an SUV and decide not to pay $14 a month for Satellite Radio

11)  Stop off at a road side dinner that is surrounded by a fence with barbwire to have a coffee and a nap

12)  Allow an obvious fake Cop to case your new $64,000 SUV in a remote unfamiliar rest stop on the side of the road

13)  Drink Coffee spiked with a hallucinogen, Trip Out and steal a danish on your way out the door

14)  Fail to catch up with a delivery truck while driving on curvy mountainous roads

15)  Move Heaven and Earth and to get a package back to then have it taken from you by an 80 year old lady

I’m not sure about you guys but I don’t think the New 2012 M-Class is for me.  I think I’ll head down to my nearest Jeep dealership and pick up the New 2011 Grand Cherokee instead.  It is cheaper even when fully loaded, just as refined on and off road, and I think that it is better looking.  At least consider it I know I would.


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