Who makes a Better Web Film BMW or Mercedes?

We have all heard the phase “art often imitates life” however until today I was never able to relate that back to the Auto Industry.  Well today I finally have an excuse to use such a phrase in one of my car related posts.  While driving along the World Wide Web today I came across two unrelated articles that have my mind wandering.

The first was an article that was reporting on the sales number that both BMW and Mercedes had reported so far for the 2011.  In this article it was reported that both companies had sold more vehicles then the previous segment leader at this time last year and most of the last decade Lexus.  It went on to say that BMW had taken the top spot over Mercedes even with the refreshed C-class coming to market at this time.  So the real “Life” portion of the equation seems to go to BMW however the year isn’t over yet so let’s turn our attention to the “Art” denominator.

Mercedes has just released a new internet only film titled Drive and Seek which was created to showcase the 2012 C-Class Couple.  The movie was of a high quality with decent acting and suitable plot which showed off the car but almost a little too much.  I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was watching an extended commercial that was showing off not only the drive ability of the Car but some of its interior electronic components.

I found myself wondering if the BMW film web site was still around so that I could compare the two styles of the companies.  I can still remember my favorite BMW film.  It was the one titled “Star” and it featured Madonna and her then Husband Guy Richie was the director.  But really there were two stars in the film the BMW E39 M5 and Clive Owens.  In order to complete my research I looked the video up on YouTube and was amazed at how subtlety the car was featured.  It was only a supporting actor in film it never dominated any of the shots, and I never felt removed from the plot of the short film.  I was also shocked to learn that this film was created for the refresh of the E39 M5 back in 2001.

It looks like that ten years may have passed but the car short film crown still goes to BMW.  Don’t take my word for it as you can view both video’s below, let me know which one you prefer in the comments section.  Now you must please excuse me as I have to check the Auto Trader to see what a low mileage 2002 M5 will cost me.

Short Film #1

Short Film #2


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