HD Spy Video – 2012 BMW M5 Prototype

I wasn’t going to blog about the M5 today.  I wasn’t even going to blog about BMW.  But then I came across this HD spy video of the 2012 BMW M5 Prototype was shot in a Mall Parking lot out in California, Los Angeles to be exact.  It is even better than most auto show footage, as the camera operator takes you within an inch of the car.  No quality inside shots but I think we can get the feel for that layout buy Googleing the new 5-Series.  I found myself crossing my fingers when it pulls out of the parking lot, praying for a burnout but no luck.  I would have loved to hear that twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 rev to redline.  I would have also loved to see if only the rears started to smoke or if the rumors are true and the car was all wheel drive.

To satisfy my craving for revving V8’s I tossed in the second video.  So watch the first one and listen to the second or be like me and just play them both at the same time.

Thanks to Edmunds for sharing their good luck


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