McLaren Launch’s the MP4-12C GT3 Race Car

As I am sure you are well aware McLaren’s roots are in racing so there was little surprise to the car world when they announced their first track ready racing car since the all mighty McLaren F1 GTR.  The race bread MP4-12C GT3 will compete in the FIA GT racing series and will debut in a selection of races this season and then enter the full race schedule for 2012.

So how is this GT3 different from the MP4-12C that was launched back in February of this year?  There really are only a couple of areas that have been tweaked either to conform to FIA regulations or reduce weight.   Believe it or not but one of those areas is the 3.8 liter V8 twin-turbo engine which has been detuned from its awe-inspiring 592 bhp and 443 lb-ft.   Also included in the list of changes would be the bespoke 6-speed sequential manual transmission that is an impressive 80kg lighter then the road going 7-speed dual clutch unit.  There have also been countless aerodynamic tweaks such as a new front splitter, fixed rear wing, rear diffuser and little louvers fitted to the bumpers before the front wheels, all of which increase the cars down force.

Good Luck McLaren we will be watching for you this year.  We have included 3 different MP4-12C videos for your viewing pleasure that I came across on McLaren’s official YouTube channel “McLarenAutomotiveTV”.  The first 2 are of the GT3 Race Car and the other is of the Production MP4-12C.


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