Why a Blog is better then Print Media

Have you ever had one of those moments where for a couple of minutes time stands still and you are total consumed by an outside influence.  I had one today and it all started when I pressed play on the below video from Richard Morris.  Richard is a London based photographer and director who specializes everything that relates to the Automobile.  I will also give credit to the company who represents him worldwide they are Jamie Stephens Represents.

This 3 minute 17 second look into his view of the Automobile is nothing but awe inspiring and truly everything that a North American Car show isn’t.  There isn’t a car that is featured in the video for more than 10 seconds continuously however you somehow feel that has its story told in full.  Richard even manages to do the impossible by make the oddly proportioned X6 look like a model strolling down the catwalk.  I could continue to rave about the camera angles, the use of lighting or the slow motion/fast motion mash-ups.  But I’m sure that by now you have already started the video and are deep in a car induced trance.

I’ll wait just a second or two so that I have your full undivided attention……

We at Car Rolodex have now seen the light, and have realized that for too long we have just sat back reading the words and images that were printed on glossy paper.  We have sat on the couch like a lummox for too long, watching what the North America media has determined a Car Show should be.  We are not going to stand for it any more, enough is enough!

Consider your selves warned because as long as there are people out there like Richard Morris to create automotive master pieces (like the below video) we will be there to inform you of their existence in a style that is uniquely Car Rolodex.


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