2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee will get a New Diesel

I have been standing up on the Diesel soap box for so long that I’m starting to get dizzy.  In North American with our highway based society I have always thought diesel engines made sense.  A hybrid has never been the right solution for maximize highway fuel mileage like it does in the start stop city driving arena.  With that being said you can imagine my disappointment to find out that there were only a handful of manufactures who bother going through the North American engine certification process to bring their European Diesels overseas.

Needless to say I was thrilled back in 2005 when Jeep used to Mercedes sourced diesels in the Liberty and Grand Cherokee to create a unique niche SUV segment.  However when Daimler split I figured that would be the end of diesel powered Jeeps in North America.

No so according to Fiat Auto CEO Sergio Marchionne as yesterday he announced that the 2013 Grand Cherokee will be getting a 3.0-liter CRD engine with Multijet 2 management.  This engine will be built by the Italian company VM Motori and will be based off of specifications set by Fiat’s Powertrain department.  It has been rumored that the new mill will get 19% better fuel economy while still outputting 237 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque.  So you’re looking to tow your boat or camping trailer, the 3.0-liter will simply rev and laugh at anything that is under 3,500 kilograms or 7,700 pounds.

Let’s hope that other manufactures will soon follow suit as it is getting cold and windy out here on this soap box and I’m looking to go home.  Well done Jeep thanks for listening, I can’t wait to take it out on my next multi-province road trip.

3.0-liter CRD Engine

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Side 3/4 view

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Front Overhead view


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One response to “2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee will get a New Diesel

  • Joe

    I have owned each of the last two CRD’s (05 and 07) that Chrysler has offered through Jeep. Still have the Grand Cherokee CRD 3.0 V6 and have never kept a vehicle this long that is still enjoyable and a good value because of the diesel and its mileage. That being said the Grand Cherokee was a Benz diesel and is faultless. The Liberty had a VM Motori diesel that was repurchased under the lemon law. Maybe low sulfer diesel fuel will make life easier for this engine because the last 4 cylinder diesel they used in the liberty was a lousy engine. Read the owners comments online at the Jeep websites since 05 model was released. If you do buy one make sure you buy it new in your homestate and know the lemon law rules for your state. I still might buy another one with a long factory warranty. Jeep will run into a lot more competition this time with many other diesel suv’s available now from Europe.

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