Play Nice with Ford or You will be Served

It seems that Ford’s legal department is looking to justify its existence by once again filing a lawsuit against a competing car company, this time Nissan.  It was just last month when the legal beagles over in Dearborn Michigan decided that Ferrari was about to infringe on North America’s number one selling truck naming rights, by calling their new F1 race car the F150.  Ferrari had chosen the name to commemorate the fact that it has been 150 years since the unification of Italy.  Strangely Italy is a country where the F-150 is not even sold in fact they are not sold anywhere in Europe.  When combined with the fact that F1 does not have a race in North America this year you must wonder where Ford things the cross branding may occur.

In this new lawsuit Ford’s Brazilian division is claiming that Nissan’s newest commercial in that country uses the Ford brand improperly which in turn is creating unfair competition.  The add in question showcases two supposed Ford engineers bragging about what they do with the extra money customers give them for purchasing the higher priced Ford Focus over the Nissan Versa.

Now do keep in mind that my Portuguese is a little rusty, but I have watched the commercial a couple (alright two dozen) times and I don’t see what the concern is about.  During the 1 minute 42 second spot the audience is shown 25 images of the Focus and only 5 of the Versa or Tiida as it is branded in Brazil.  All 5 of those images occur in the last 6 seconds of the commercial and it is a good thing that they are there other wise I would have thought that it was a Ford commercial.

In a world where any publicity is viewed as good publicity, I would think that free publicity would be viewed as a bonus.  Then again Ford’s legal department was hoping for a year-end bonus and the last time I checked you don’t get paid if you haven’t done any work.

If you don’t believe me check it out for yourself.


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